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Lab 8: Mind Your Seasons

Good morning!

Yo not to long ago I had an epiphany. Just kidding, not really but I really want it to sound like I do because… people like watching things that are fake reality these days because we like to pretend its real (yall gon catch that one in the car) … but honestly this is what I know!  Ok

I know…

You ever felt that fight?  Like that ohhh imma really have to get on my shit and do it.  

I can think of that a lot of times that happened…

-Like say you had a 10 page paper due in 2 hours and you're still on page two. 

(for my college people lol)

-Or like WE Energies about to cut u off tomorrow, and u gotta make some quick moves to make sure you Straight. 

-Or like giving yourself to someone who doesn't deserve you and you’ve finally have had it and you see your worth!

It’s the moment when you make it to the 11th hour…. Those last moments of you possibly doing something, measures who you are.  DO you give it your best or do you let fear seap in? IF your’re still here I bet those minutes before you quit u KEEP going. Think about your mind and body during that time. Although never wrecking,  It’s centered. It's in tune. Its focused BUT … (dum dum dunnnn) it in spurts!!!!

I’m learning that hustle really aint a bad word.  Like it’s seen so negative now. (Be careful who u let tell u to not hustle another story)... Like I know it means going hard.  Sometimes losing sleep. Fighting like u want to breathe.  

THe thing its…. I think that's ok!  BUT u just cant do it always. Hustle comes in spurts called seasons. 

See there’s a  time to laugh and time to cry, time to keep and to lose, war and peace… Break down and build up

From what I can feel most of us are in one of the two seasons:

The first one is Winter.  This is the season when you’re trying to be still.  You Listen. You cut off some from people. Write down your ideas.  Going through some stuff and things are challenging but u keep pushing anyhow… 

The second season feels like Spring to me.

For me spring is like Like huh … I’m about to start planting again!? Why am I still planting!?. But u know what’s different this time??? It took the discernment and understanding I learn in the winter to realize, although I feel like I am where I once was, my garden is bigger now.  My water is in abundance. My soil is good and nourished. Because at one time I didn’t have all that. Because I should have

(Insert videos from friends and family- quotes are not the same in video)

I should have studied harder

I didn’t go hard enough

I was hardheaded

I gave up on myself

I didn’t think I could really do it

I thought my life was good enough

I settled 

I let him/her tear me down

I let my scars permanently wound me

I let insecurity beat me

Be appreciative of your seasons.  Take the time you need to stare at your reflection and ask yourself the questions hardest to answer.  Feel your image. Embody your soul. Get clarity on why your past life has done it’s purpose of getting you here but acknowledge that who you are isn’t what’s going to take you over there 

Next thing you know, you're getting fed up again. And then “Checkpoint” you advance to the next season!

As if your downfall is your set up.  As if it were destined. 

We fall down, we get back up.   EVERY.Single. TIME


No matter if you get an F or an A on that 10 page paper, somehow, grace.  Somehow favor. Somehow mercy. Somehow miracles. Somehow you win anyhow!

Your current struggle is greater than the last one… Time for you to harvest from an enlarged territory.  Time to get your plentiful water. Your good ground.  


(PS… and if you did quit in your winter or spring… it won’t be a quit if you make a decision to start back today) *Wink

Song credit: Just Another Melody by Gloria Tells

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