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Lab 2: It’s Not a Mistake!

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

Interesting story is, one of the most challenging, AND BEST, highschools in Milwaukee (WashHouse) is where I first picked up my first actual sewing machine.   Home-ec… she taught me how to thread the needle and…. well… here I am. But it took a lot to get here. Scary saying that out loud because I feel I have so much further to go. 

For a long time I kinda kept it a secret.  I only shared the items I made with a close friend.  Until, I broke up with my ex. You know how you gotta get yo snap-back?  I lost weight in the right places, had a new lineup on my line (ahhhht), and I rekindled relationships with some old friends.  Despite this, I was still teaching and still yet feeling frustrated with my place in the world. So one of my friends really LET ME HAVE IT.  “Kim, I really don’t get you. You are one of the most creative persons I know, IDK how you became a teacher!”

It STUNG!  Like deep. One, because teaching is truly an art if executed well… especially with our kids who have every reason to dislike school.  I was pissed, but she didn’t acknowledge the teacher dance. I wanted to yell at her… girl I am an artist everyday in class. Do you know what it’s like to have to be a basketball coach, a mentor, a friend, a mom, hell a nurse sometimes?! But when I looked at the phone … and also remembered she was a damn teacher herself… I felt her saying something deeper. 

So instead, I replied, “but I’m not good at it.  I just need more skill. I messed up.”

And why did I say that?  

“Kim, when you first started playing basketball were you good?  Did you even know how to dribble the ball? Just like that, with practice you’ll get better.  You ain’t even giving yourself a chance to get better, and I’m sick of it. You’re wasting your talent.”

And with a stinging ear, misplaced anger with a tint of guilt… we started coming up with names I could call it. I went back, changed some, added some more… and after a week I went to work with my final list and polled my students.  Humph… I wonder if they know I didn’t pick the winning names.   

What was growing inside of me was birthed through my experiences. It’s amazing how your struggles are literally the thing you stand on in triumph.   If you’re not feeling connected to your purpose through your current vibrations in this world, trust me when I say, ALL THINGS ARE WORKING FOR YOUR GOOD. Trust the process...hell, trust you!  Nothing about you is a mistake so make it count.   

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