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Lab 9: Hair Strength

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

My hair keeps me safe

Sometimes it shields me from the truth of myself.  It protects my softest expressions and replaces it with attitude.  Exposes perceived truth in a created reality. It conforms the outer me and brings out the me you choose to see and accept.  

Sometimes my hair hides ME

 Polished and put together when my soul is erupting… while my spirit is building.  While my heart is healing. Sometimes buys me time to be more accepting. 

And sometimes, I chose not to hide when I’m actually safe. 

When I feel free and honest.

I’ve decided to explore this idea of things that alter how I feel about me, to meet the real me.  To see where I am, and to uncover the depths of my soul. Because in order to grow, I must allow the mirror to reflect me. To meet the God within me. 

To be vulnerable to accept what is in its purest state accessorized with seasoning for taste.

My color.  My coils. My smell.  My edges. My frizzy. My beauty. My being created by God sometimes mixed with me. 

And I can do all of this when the fuck I please…. 

Music by: More than Just a Fling by Spring Gang ft. Ed Mills

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