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Lab 10: 4 tips to finding your purpose

First of all, Living your dream is hard.  Breaking chains. Retrain your mind is different for us all.  Accept your process. Your time will be in competition with yourself because purpose is about having a journey that is unlike anyone else's!  It only belongs to you

With that, Take what you feel works for you, I can only talk to you from my personal experiences, the knowledge I’m gaining from the books I’m reading, and the many stories of successful people.

Realization- where are you? Ask yourself the truth...If you were to take money, friendship, social status off the table.  If those things did not matter to you, what would be left. Would you be fulfilled and have joy? Would the things you’re doing be who you are because you conformed to your environment, or are you really who you want to be for the rest of your life?

I believe that if you are truly operating in your purpose, you’re accessing your divine gift, then you would be fulfilled.  Money wouldn’t matter, your circumstances wouldn’t matter, how people judge you won’t matter… because you are doing the works you were sent here to do.  

And because they are your works, and only yours, you will find favor!  You will reach heights that you dreamed of reaching.   

Visualization-What got you here? This to me feels like the mirror. Why?  This layer can be hurtful because of the things you can find.  Why; SOmetimes we struggle with confidence. Why? Sometimes we struggle with finances that make us feel like we are stuck where we are.  WHy Social pressure, are you living to someone else’s standards and not yours? What drove you to this point? What’s in your heart, spirit, mind?  Search it. Pull the beast by both its feet. 

The first step in addressing an issue is acknowledging that it exists.  Evict yourself! Confront it.  

Elimination- What are you willing to change?  To become a new you, you have to change the old you.  Mindsets, routines have to change. They say you can tell what a person values by where they spend their time.  What are you willing to let go of? Is it the hours of t.v you watch when you get home from work? Is it not getting that new car because you know that money can be an investment towards something greater?  Is it the clothes and hair you spend 100s of dollars on to put on a front? Move yourself! What compliments your old lifestyle that you no longer want?  

Steve Harvey: a day after his show, quit his job, in way and slept in his car for 3 years!

Halle berry lived in a homeless shelter until she started booking jobs

Or maybe you’re already in position to take ur current circumstances as motivation to change.  Like Tyler perry who attempted sucide, lived in an abusive home, lived in his car to motivating himself to write

Or like Cardi, yall know her story, despite what ppl said, she fought for her position.  

Although you may not know how, position yourself to make a sacrifice. Wealth is not what they had in their pockets, the wealth is in their gifts!

Walk by faith, not sight. As I was thinking about this step I felt like it can be 5 more steps to walking, but you know what I realize, it’s not the how that gets you there, it’s your faith in what.  

The first step to walking is just writing down your future self.  How do you want to feel? What will family life be like? Where do you want to live?  How much financial security do you want? 

The bible says, ye have not because you ask not. WHat do you want?  Strip away what you think you can. We used to say at work, “Pretend you have a magic wand, what would you do?”  SOmetimes I’d think, “What makes it so magical?If I can think it, can’t I do it?” The magic is in the belief. It’s the faith you have in the things unseen.  

Writing your future self can be scary for some because it’ll seem like you're writing some crazy things.  But no matter how crazy it sounds, if it’s in your belly to have, you will obtain it. The key is, don’t worry about how!  Write it, and read it 3x a day! Morning noon and night. Spray your perfume so everytime you smell it I wanna get it! If you write this, and you believe you can, you’ll walk different.  You’ll spend time with yourself reading and learning. You’ll place yourself around people who can get you there. You’ll Submit to the right environment 

You ready!?

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