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21 Day Challenge!

YALL! So, I did this 21 day challenge to put me on track to manifest my dreams. Created by ET (my fav motivational speaker) I just knew whatever he had to give would be good enough for me.

Now, y’all know I’m a giver so I decided to text 7 friends and asked them to do it with me. No questions asked, they got in... and for 17 days WE FOLLOWED THE PLAN. Yup! 17 not 21 😔 The program I was getting the content from shut down and we weren’t able to finish.

However, can I be honest? Those 17 days (and maybe a month after that) I had the clearest vision on obtaining goals that are so big and scary, even I was afraid to read at first. Now that I’m looking back, I’ve accomplished things I’ve never thought I would and in 2020 I’m prepared to exceed that!

BUT it takes 21 days to make something a habit. To make it imbedded within us. WHEWWWW I can’t imagine the beast I’d be if I can make it all the way through.

So I took it and made an exSPIRITment... put my spin on it, and made it better. January 1st is the last day to enter and we will begin on January 3rd (Friday).

WHY!? Because I’m fr about this journey and I know some of y’all are too.

So what’s up!? You game? Details in the video!

If you’re in, post a screenshot of your $5 below!

SHARE- don’t be greedy!


Questions? Email me


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