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Clothing that Speaks True to You

Kimistry is the perfect gray area of vintage designs with flavor. Although most items are consignment pieces, Kimberly takes each item and redesigns it into something new. If your style is chic, you'll find something. If your style is tomboy, you'll find something. From artsey to sexy, street to contemporary, expect to find something that fits your style.

A note about the designer:

Kimberly has been sewing and designing since she got her first doll. Little did she know, she was on the starting line towards following her heart and passion for creating and designing. In 2016, Kimberly, with the inspiration from friends and family, created Kimistry by Kimberly where she would step outside of her bubble and create for more than just herself and her friends. Kimberly's goal is to design clothing that allows you to stand in your own strength and beauty. You are undublicatiable and undeniably different so get different. All items are designed with her heart to be worn by the soul. Find the item that speak true to you!

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