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New Arrivals Every Sunday @6pm



Classes are free, in person, and will have “Project Runway vibes.  You will have fun while learning, and if you want, theres an opportunity to make money as well.  Want to learn more?  Click below and we will send you information on how to join a zoom meeting that breaks everything down!

Dont Delay!  Space is limited!

If you are interested in being a donor in helping to provide this opportunity to people across Milwaukee, please make a contribution on our Go Fund Me Page!

Designed with a heart to be worn by the soul.

It's Kimistry 

Clothing that speaks true to you!


Expression of self is the outward appearance of who we are and how we chose to identify with our feelings, emotions, and the world. Usually we have to conform to what's available opposed to what's possible. We're here to bring what's possible to reality. Some things will speak to you while other things will speak to others.

Our promise is that regardless of who you are , your shape, your identity, you'll find your perfect Kimistry.


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